Insights on Dump Trailer Rentals: Brands and Fleet Management




Hey everybody,

Do some of you rent dump trailers for your enterprise, or do you have dump trailers for private or commercial use? I’m always keen on understanding how others in the business are managing their fleets and what brands you’re having success with.

I thought I’d share my experience with Top Shelf Trailers. My name is Jesse, and I operate a dump trailer rental business out of Atlanta. After a lot of research and comparisons, I decided to trust Top Shelf Trailers for my whole business, and it has been a wonderful decision.

I now have four of their 7x14x4 14k dump trailers, all fitted with ramps, tarp, and a spare tire. The best part? I spent only $10,495 for each. I went to Florida to pick up my first trailer, but they delivered the other three at incredibly low rates, which was a huge bonus.

Their trailers have been extremely trustworthy and have made a big difference in my operations. If you’re thinking about a new dump trailer, I highly recommend giving them a call at (888) 654-3587.

Looking forward to your thoughts and experiences!


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